What Makes Terre A Mer So Special?

Why is Terre A Mer Keratin better than just any Keratin Treatment?


Terre A Mer uses the latest science for a keratin treatment to help create healthy hair by repairing almost all damaged hair types. Terre A Mer is formulated with a scientifically approved formula which is made by Terre A Mer themselves! The Intensive rejuvenation treatment provides the highest level of hair repair, keratin hair straightening, frizz elimination and best shine in the hair industry.


Do you want to know what it’s like to have perfect hair every morning in less than 5 minutes? Then Terre A Mer is right for you! Terre a Mer - Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment (Booking Deposit)


The combination of keratin treatment formulation and developed techniques repairs even the most badly damaged hair. All hair is made up of keratin and essentially, keratin treatments are applying ‘liquid hair’ to repair your existing hair and any damage it has.

How is this possible?

The Terre A Mer Intensive Rejuvenation treatment uses actual keratin Sulphur amino acids to rebuild your hair and fill in the porosity gaps and seal it shut to create fuller healthier hair.


Terre A Mer couldn’t be more perfect if you have an upcoming holiday! You’ll be able to create your own salon-quality blow dry with 50% less effort. So, if you’re planning a holiday and are wondering how you will get by without your Style Express stylists around to achieve your perfect blow dry for you, then Terre A Mer is your way to go.


Here’s what Style Express’ founder, Chloe, has to say about Terre A Mer.

‘’Throughout my 16 years in hairdressing I’ve come across many different types of keratins. Most being that you can’t wash and tie up your hair for a few days or even a week! That’s a big reason Terre A Mer is so different to other ordinary keratins. Terre A Mer has 0 downtime and you’re able to wash and tie up on the same day, in fact, you leave the salon with a fresh blow-dry and no product remaining in the hair! This treatment not only straightens your hair and eliminates frizz but also repairs the hair. Any chemical damage and heat styling damage is repaired, and makes your hair feel soft and refreshed and easy to maintain. It’s like having Style Express at home, when you have Terre A Mer.’’


Try out Terre A Mer for yourself. Contact Style Express for your complimentary consultation today!

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