Why is Terre A Mer Keratin better than just any Keratin Treatment?   Terre A Mer uses the latest science for a keratin treatment to help create healthy hair by repairing almost all damaged hair types. Terre A Mer is formulated with a scientifically approved formula which is made by Terre A Mer themselves! The Intensive rejuvenation treatment provides the highest level of hair repair, keratin hair straightening, frizz elimination and best shine in the hair industry.   Do

Does ‘Collagen’ really work?    Have you tried collagen? Does collagen really work? Well, let’s look into the scientific side of what collagen is meant to do!   Here at Style Express, we stock IMBIBE Miracle Collagen and Collagen Lips. Miracle Collagen is clinically shown to stimulate the skin cells to produce more collagen and strengthen the hair and nails. And, it’s 100% pure bioactive collagen peptides.   Miracle Collagen is based on ten years of research and development and has been clinically shown to

Is K18 Worth the Hype? Originated in late 2020, the K18 biomimetic hair science is the new hype of the hair world! Firstly, what is K18? K18 works to molecularly repair and change the polypeptide chains that have been broken during hair lightening procedures. It also reconnects the disulfide bonds disconnected also through damage from lightening. The biomimetic formula is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, artificial colours, phthalates and sodium chloride which is an instant green flag when it

Together,  we’re  on  the  journey  to  zero  waste! Your visit to the salon includes a small $2 green fee service fee that supports our on going commitment to reduce our ecological footprint, achieve zero waste, support charitable causes and implement environmentally sustainable practises in all thar we do here 40% – Resource collection and redirection25% – Implementing green practices20% – Supporting the community10% – Researching recycling solutions5% – Awareness and education When you list out all the benefits,